The reason  we should legalize prostitution is economic and morally sound first if you look at all the countries that legalize prostitution they have a lower crime rate. This legalization of prostitution may also get rid of pimping.The the governments have also benefited from this economically.

They have far surpassed the american per capita gdp at least 50,000$. Morally it’s is the women’s choice and if you can’t force her into anything either.  Another economic thing we have to look at is job security. It is just as much as a job and they should have job security.

You can’t look down on a women for the career she selected, the average earning of a prostitute  is 48,000 dollars a year. That is more than the average earnings of in the U.S  of women in the U.S.

The reason you should support the aclu in their effort to legalize prostitution you should know that they have done the research  , they know what they talking about when they say sexual freedom visit them at  https://www.

2 Replies to “Economy Grows If Prostitution Is Safely Legalized – Guest Editorial by Christian Guzzo”

  1. Good argument, but it does not grab enough attention with the statistics and the examples given about what it would get rid of if made legal.

  2. I like that you included a source in your editorial but I think it would be more convincing if you had presented more facts and statistics, for example about other countries where prostitution is legal.

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