College, the age old question, filled with even more questions. Should I stay, or should I go? Should I pay? Should I get a two or four year degree? Is it worth it? Is the debt as bad as people say? Is my job going to be able to support me, even with debt? College is a lot like cliff diving, not for everybody. If you do it wrong, and don’t take the right precautions, you’ll have a very bad day, full of crippling loans, or rocks. On the other hand, if you do it right, it can be an experience that shapes your whole future. Please see the infographic below for more facts on college.




Finally, the call to action, the part most of us would walk away from, fine go. Good, you’re still here. Here’s what you do, go to college, better yourself, or don’t, it’s your life. Just be smart about what you do, and your actions have been called.

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