Illegal is illegal. America is a place for everyone, no matter where you’re from. However, entry, status, length of stay, work visa, green card (and the list goes on) are all important. The Illegals are costing hard working Americans millions of dollars, not paying taxes, driving illegally uninsured vehicles, all without any consequences. If we as Americans did the same, we would be incarcerated. Working Americans are directly affected by the cost of illegal aliens. Not only do illegal immigrants take government funds through taxes, not only do they receive free healthcare and education, not only do they get a free place to live but they also pose a threat to legal American citizens. Our national security needs to be stronger. Terrorism and illegal immigrants go hand in hand because the more undocumented people in this country, leads to a greater chance of having terrorist in our country. Please view the visual below to further educate yourself more on this very serious subject.

America needs a plan to stop illegal immigration, and building a wall is just the start. Deportation is most definitely necessary. Illegal aliens should come back here the right way. The legal way.

To get illegal immigrants to stop leaching off of the backs of hardworking Americans that pay taxes and obey the laws, visit this website to donate or learn more about the negative affects of illegal immigration:


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