While technology becomes more and more prevalent in our world, many schools are still reliant on outdated textbooks to convey information to students every day.  Replacing these textbooks with tablets, or similar personalized technology, benefits the students of the classroom by giving them access to a huge amount of current information to enhance their learning experience.  Additionally, while textbooks are filled with predetermined information, it is easy for teachers to create or utilize teaching methods that can be personalized to enhance student learning and promote understanding of material.  Tablets increase the amount of information that is retained by a student; this retention is shown to increase grades and test scores of students.


The implementation of tablets is beneficial to students by encouraging them to succeed, teaching them how to explore new material, helping them retain information and improve test scores, and preparing them to face real-world challenges.  Tablets enhance student learning while helping them prepare for the rest of their lives by teaching valuable skills and promoting communication of ideas.

To increase the schools receiving the learning benefits of tablets, use the following link to voice your opinion to members of the school board.  But, more importantly, utilize any technology available to you in your classroom and school!  You will be encouraging others to use technology as well, a step towards widespread classroom adoption of tablets or other personal devices.

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