Is milk healthy, this is probably a question you never asked before. Why would you obviously milk is healthy. Even I didn’t think of this (I ask a lot of questions). There are many credible doctors on both sides(for more information regarding nutrition ) , as well as many large studies. However the studies are too big and took data that could have a broad range of causes and are not reliable. As I am sure many of you know correlation does not mean causation. According to the animal rights group PETA , a cow’s blood comes out in the milk. If blood really does come out in milk is it really a problem? I believe PETA should be happy the cows were not killed; regardless, the milk is pasteurized so the blood leaves before it reaches stores.

After talking with some of my family members I learned how they kept cows in India. My grandmother used to drink milk straight from the udder (you should not try to drink raw milk). Also the qualities of the milk depended on what they ate. Some greatly esteemed milk connoisseurs (they don’t exist) would be able to tell what a cow ate after drinking it. Some say that the hormones in milk could raise your risk for cancer, this hormone is one humans have as well.

I guess then children and adolescents should have an extremely high chance of cancer (this is not the case but it still can happen). Many also claim that raw milk is very dangerous. This is true but when boiled (what you’re supposed to do with raw milk)it is safe because milks boiling point is high enough that it kills the bacteria inside (my life is proof). In all most problems people have with milk are exaggerated or don’t exist. Why this question even came up I don’t understand. One thing is clear milk is healthy and if you don’t believe me (Jagmeet Saini Dhaul Singh holder of the legendary shoes “The Grass Cutter 12s”) you can have a fine chat with him if he cares enough about you.

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