In America a highly conflicting argument has been driven around whether or not the minimum legal drinking age (MLDA) should be lowered to the age of 18. Americans that oppose lowering the MLDA are opposing out of conservative opinion and outright disposition to alcohol other than basing their concern against factual evidence. Many people are unaware that “The consumption of alcohol by people under 21 is generally illegal across the United States, however, 45 states have set exceptions that allow underage consumption of alcohol in certain circumstances.” (ProCon). 90% of Americans under the age of 21 are legally allowed to consume alcohol under restrictions placed by the state. As the citizens of the United States we need to make a change to not only allow alcohol consumption under the age of 21 but to legalize the consumption at the age of 18.

Lowering the drinking age is more beneficial than we know. The Weinberg group is an international scientific and regulatory consulting firm that has done the research on alcohol’s benefits to the human body. Drinking alcohol in moderation has “cardioprotective effects” and also “appears to confer coronary heart disease benefits among high-risk populations (i.e., individuals who have diabetes, hypertension, or previous myocardial infarction)” (Alcohol pg. 24-25) There has been no research done that proves drinking in moderation among adults and adolescents have different effects on the body.


Lastly at the age of 18 is when an American citizen is considered an adult. Among every right and responsibility they have between being able to vote, purchasing a house, smoking cigarettes, paying taxes, serving in the military, etc American citizens are being denied the right to consume alcohol under their own discretion. As an American adult we should speak out against the unlawful restrictions on alcohol consumption because we do not only have the right to drink but the ability to make our decisions according to our own preference.
Together let’s make a change for a better education among Americans about the true effects of moderate alcohol consumption and stand up for our rights! Vote today for a candidate that supports what is fair and true for our country.

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