As of today video games can be found in almost every household and are one of the most used pieces of technology along with television and social media. With this abundance comes lots of criticism and accusations. The biggest one is that video games cause aggressive and violent behavior in those who play them. This claim, however, does not have much evidence to back it up and is further injured by the fact that the overall U.S crime rate has greatly decreased, while the purchasing of gaming consoles has heavily increased.

Call to action: As the infographic clearly demonstrates, video games do not have a correlation to violence in the real world. video games should not be blamed as the culprit for a crime of any kind because not only is its impact to the crime miniscule at best, it also strays away from the bigger and more important causes of a crime that could be used to prevent future crimes.

4 Replies to “Video Games Have No Correlation to Real World Violence – Guest Editorial By Matthew Fuller”

  1. this reminds me of how comic books caused violence in the 1940s, remember that, no. this stuff is going to go away. Whats your call to action.

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