In an era of at least one shooting a day, concealed carry has risen to be a hot topic. America is almost equally divided in the topic, with 56% believing that more concealed weapons would make the United States safer.

As the information shows, handguns were used in about 68% of firearm related homicides in 2013, however, outlawing them completely will not help. Looking at the infographic, we can see that not 10, not 20, not even 30, but 42 states have a “shall-issue” law, meaning that they are required to give an applicant a permit if they meet minimum requirements. This is not the safest route. Citizens have a right to own a concealed weapon to protection and defense, but criminals can still get weapons just as easy. “May-issue” laws are safer, as it is apparent that the crime rates for the 8 states that instate them have lower crime rates, like 2.4% in Connecticut, 2% in Massachusetts, and 1.5% in Hawaii. The topic of concealed carry isn’t debated as much to this level. The word of the “may-issue” law has to be known, needs to be spread, must be instated. Do not vote for someone who opposes concealed carry. Make it known that “may-issue” can help the country. It can prevent a shooter in more ways than one.

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