The 2016 election has many different, but also similar, candidates to choose from for our next term of presidency. Many topics have been presented infront of these candidates to record their reactions and plans for the future. One of these important topics is that of illegal immigration into the United States. Every year, an estimated three million foreigners enter the country through illegal/dishonest ways. These “aliens” are blamed to be the cause of lack of jobs and money in America. To solve this problem, a suitable candidate must be elected.


Hillary Clinton’s views/plans for illegal immigration will allow immigrants and their families to stay in America for a full ride to citizenship, all the while preventing/limiting further decay of illegal immigration laws by controlling the flow of immigrants to America. By allowing immigrants to stay in the country, our money, our jobs, and our lives will remain prosperous and capable. Support Hillary Clinton’s campaign by arguing her view to others or simply giving her your vote… you decide.

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