Each and every year public schools around the world are becoming more strict with uniform policies. Schools are debating what student’s appearances should be throughout the school day. Many are making every student have a uniform that is the exact same of all the students in the district. Uniforms go against our freedom of expression, our individuality, and our confidence in ourselves. What every student wears in their daily life is their freedom of expression and that should not be taken away from anyone. Not only our freedom of expression should not be taken away, but our confidence and our individuality also should not.


Students are taught the idea to “be yourself” at a young age. With strict rules and strict school administration, students are losing that simple but huge concept. Losing the concept, makes students lose confidence in themselves at early ages. Confidence in oneself is one of the most important things someone can carry throughout life. Not only as student, not only as a child, not only as an adult, but at every stage of life. Confidence could be lost when students are comparing to other students, comparing how the certain uniform looks equate to another. The stress to constantly comparing to another person, the stress of not having freedom of expression should never have to conflict with the stress student’s have with school work, tests, projects at any age.

Make a change and let us student’s around the world feel like a person with our own individual rights, Tweet #NoSchoolUniforms or call (412)- 681-7736 to contact with The American Civil Liberties Union of  PA. Spread the idea that school uniforms are definitely not the next fashion trend!

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