There are many different opinions on the origins of sexuality. Some believe it is determined at birth, and others believe it is a choice made throughout a person’s life. I’m here today to prove to you that it is not a choice.


In the poem written by Leon Acord, he goes on to talk about how he came to understand his own sexuality. He writes, “ when you’re gay you’re like an outsider from day one, before you admit it to the world or even yourself. This shows that even from his earliest memories he knew something was different about him. But like most young children they have little understanding of sexuality. As he matured into adulthood he came to better understanding of what feeling “different” really means.


Mellissa Healy, of the Los Angeles Times writes “ some genetic components does homosexuality clearly exists”. This further goes to prove that sexuality is not a choice. Rather it is something that is been A part of you the whole time. But coming to understand yourself is a process that takes time.


Similar to the Los Angeles Times article, Warren, C, Lathe III writes, “ homosexuality has a biological component, Lathe argues, is important for promoting tolerance and acceptance of gays”. This also is a testament to sexuality being biologically determined. Therefore because the person did not make a conscious choice about it, it is important to treat them with dignity and respect. In same way you would treat any heterosexual person.

So I ask you to think about your opinion on the topic. Hopefully the information  I’ve shared with you will better help you formulate an opinion. Thanks for reading

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