Social media, a way that people can use to communicate without even being in the same room at the same time. While social media can be a way of talking with those far away, in the wrong hands can be as dangerous as a loaded gun. Most people in high school have a Facebook account or another type of social media,sometimes they have more than one and they can be on most of the time. This can lead to low grades and poor social life. Please refer to the linked infographic to see more:

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Social Media can cause cyber bullying which is bullying on the internet or through social media itself. One major way that this can happen is the sites lack of privacy. The website “Consumer’s Report” States that in the year 2011, at least 13 million people had a Facebook page, and most of them posted all of their pictures, but did not put a privacy block up. In that same year the US justice department intercepted almost 2,000 pieces of information from emails and social media sites. Another reason social media can be bad is because it is addictive and can cause students have lower grades in school. Sometimes students can get so attached to post, tweet, or story they may stay up very late or all night and not do their assignments or study. This leads to low grades on tests and projects in the coming time.

Infographic designer Jimmy Daly states, that most college students spend between 93 and 106 minutes daily on Facebook a day. Also people who use social media tend to be antisocial and noncooperative with others. In 2012, Center for the Digital Future did a study at USC Annenberg school and found that a large percentage of less face to face time with their friends and family and more time on social media.

Social Media can be bad in society, so it is important to think before you hit post or send. Try not to post anything to mean or harsh about a person or group of people, because one post has the ability to make a person fell a number of ways.  

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