For the past 30 years now medical marijuana has been debated whether or not laws should be passed allowing the manufacture and distribution of medical marijuana to patients.

State House To Consider Legalizing Medical Marijuana Next Week

But what hasn’t been talked about is the factual evidence around marijuana and its medical purposes. Over 1,137,069 people in the united states depend on marijuana daily to help ease their chronic pain,muscle spasms,Hiv/Aids,cancer and many other medical conditions. It wasn’t until June 22,2015 that the federal government lifted its long serving ban on privately conducted research on marijuana. With the ban finally being lifted it has finally given the green light for research to fully understand the effects and benefits marijuana can have on our bodies and for medical purposes it can serve.With the advancements of medical marijuana people will have an alternative to chemo,radiation and other treatments that many times cause more damages then what they were intended to treat.

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  1. good stuff, the call to action is kind of in the air because its just a link, but aside from that, its good

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