Bill Clinton was the 42nd President of the United States, and was the second president to be impeached. While in office, he was caught in an affair with one of his interns, but even with the negative limelight, Clinton was still, and is still, one of the highest rated presidents. While in office, he had an average approval rating of 63.9%, made nearly 23 million jobs, and brought the national unemployment rate down to 4%, the lowest in 30 years.
Bill Clinton was accused, and admitted to, having sexual relations and affairs while being in the office, as well as sexual assault charges. Even with the stress, accusations, and trials, he was able to lead the nation, with some of the highest rates in 30 years. While Clinton was in office, he set the standards high for the next president, with 23 million jobs created, unemployment rate down to 4%, an average approval rating of 63.9%, and a 26-year low in crime rates. The facts show that Bill Clinton was able to piece the nation back together, as well as go above and beyond what was required, as well as balancing the budget, which had the largest deficit, and giving it an excess of 127 billion dollars.
While in office, he also distributed 2 billion dollars to schools nation-wide, enacted tougher EPA laws, and brought attention to the AIDs/HIV crisis.


Clinton was able to pass many programs with success, as well as fight terrorism with the attack on the Twin Towers in 1993, and was the closest to killing Osama until he was reported killed in 2011 under Obama’s presidency. Tony Blair, ex-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom said, “Bill Clinton is an extraordinary mixture of easygoing charm and ferocious intellectual capacity. Probably, in terms of political intuition and certainly in terms of turning such intuition into analysis, he is the most formidable politician I ever met. My theory is that, in a curious way, the blessing of his times is the disadvantage of his legacy. As with any period, the years 1993-2000 were full of events, many of them significant. But the world-changing events – 9/11 and the financial crisis – happened in the next presidency. Bill was actually a brilliant president. He made it at times look easy. He ran a good economy; made big reforms…”, and this shows that other world leaders thought of him as a good president, only to be disgraced by his personal life, which didn’t interrupt his public life, or his presidency.

Do you think Bill Clinton was a good president?

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