Video games are just for entertainment, even rated M games like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty. They do not cause mass shootings. They do not cause men to objectify women. They do not cause other forms of assault. They actually cause the release of anyone’s aggression that they feel building up inside. It often prevents any form of aggression from happening. If the actual infographic is not on the screen, click on the link to see the infographic.


Violent video games are not the cause to youth violence. Youth violence is often caused by neglect by parents, being anti-social, and other causes along those lines. Actually, violent video games can often prevent youth violence.  

For the call to action, it’s actually pretty simple. If you feel rage and anger building up inside you, and if you can play rated M games, then play them. Play Call of Duty. Play Grand Theft Auto. Even play Mortal Kombat. More than likely, you will feel your adrenaline being released.


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