The morning of Tuesday, April 26, came with a subtle surprise for the student body. In various spots around the school, a group of students, calling themselves the ambiguous “LIGHT Team”, hung up signs featuring a range of “Uplifting Statistics”.  Senior Sam Kott finds the posters “interesting”. Juniors Logan Yovetich and Adam Boaks agreed that the posters are “cool”, and Yovetich wonders “who put them up there? For what?”



This particular sign is posted outside of Mrs. Long’s (formally Miss Sykes) classroom. 

Junior Cassidy Southern began the Light Team project in order to earn her Gold Award for Girl Scouts. The project also doubles as Southern’s Senior Project. While the fun facts are displayed as true and accurate statistics, they are paraphrased generalities from statistics found on websites like “”; the facts are meant to be uplifting, as she “[feels] passionately about emotions and connections and empathy and random acts of kindness”, and so set out to brighten the days of the student body. The project is similar to an unconnected mini-project of hers from several months ago, where she “put sticky notes on all the lockers, but [on a] huger scale”. Part of the requirements for the Gold Award is for the project to be sustainable, so Southern is planning on continuing the Light Team throughout the rest of her time at Avonworth, and “then ideally someone else is gonna take over when [she] graduates.”

File_003 (1)

Found outside of Mrs. Tracey’s (formally Ms. Duker) classroom near the end of the Math and Science Hallway.

There are two other students involved in Southern project; Junior Abigal Busse as Vice President and Sophmore Isabella Lemoncelli as Secretary. Their plan is recruit more students and advance the Light Team to official school club status.

File_001 (1)

This poster is taped to Mr. Tuffiash’s door. The students that noticed the posters seemed to notice this one the most.


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