Going to the Sanders Rally early in the morning on March 31st, I would have to go through a two hour line. But during that time, and later in the rally area itself at the Convention Center, I noticed something that would give me a greater sense of faith in Humanity.

The diversity of the crowd was extremely varied. The support for Bernie spanned across the barriers of religion and tradition as I saw Muslim and Jewish supporters band together in the same room, supporting and cheering the same man bringing us all together. But it seemed more than that. There was an electricity in the air, a sense of excitement lured us toward the rally and for one reason or another people wanted change. I remember the crowd restlessly waiting for Bernie as the time approached for the long awaited spectacle.

When he came out and started his speech I observed with a sense of awe as people relinquished all of their frustration and displayed their desire for something that I think tied the whole experience together. The audience emanated a bright flame of hope.

People from all walks of life, from sharply dressed businessman lost in a conversation on their expensive phone, to the young adults and teens who looked antsy for the rally to finally be sparked, to the lower class Joe looking for a better future for himself and their family would cheer and pour their heartfelt emotion into every sound.

One thing I knew for sure by the time it was all over and a steady stream of people were leaving the Convention Center was that you wouldn’t get the same energy and turnout at a Clinton rally. Enough said.

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