Students were greeted by their teachers’ children the morning of Thursday, April 28. The kids helped their parents teach classes and interacted with the student body throughout the day. Mr. Tuffiash’s daughter Lalila assisted with photographing the parent-child pairs that could be found during 8th period.


Students of the Intro to French course were joined by Madame Hart’s daughter, Julia. She participated in one of their communication activities during the lesson. 


Mr. Mancuso’s sons took a break from their long day of teaching PE and watched as much of Pixar’s Finding Nemo as you can fit into 45 minutes. 

File_000 (1)

Lalila quickly grasped how the camera works. Mrs. Swaney and her daughter Samantha were subjects in her photographs. Samantha was busily taking a Buzzfeed quiz on which Into the Woods character she is – her answer was the Witch. 


Both of Mrs. Reilsono’s sons joined her, and were heard running down the hallways several times throughout the day. 


Some of the teachers with free time during 8th period decided to take a walk through the hallways while students were confined to classrooms.


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