A noticeable theme throughout this year’s awards assembly was the success students in the high school are having while the school grows in size. At key times through the two hour long assembly, guest presenters commented about the challenges in selecting award winners because of the depth of qualified applicants. Below is a list of awards and award winners for this year’s ceremony:

Bob Williams Memorial Rotary Scholarship Kaitlyn Wiser

Avonworth Fund for Educational Excellence:
Spanish AP and IV awardsAlex Smith, Rachel Gaugler

Latin IV and Latin AP awards – Abigail Busse, Christina Tuccillo

French IV and French APBethany Adamiak, Izabelle Tomko

Chinese 4 award
Chloe Mellon

Elaine Barron Museum Paper Awards:
AP English 12- 
{tie} Lauren Robinet, Christina Tuccillo
Academic English 12- Joe Engelmeier

Alfred Beattie Award Kaitlyn Winter

David J. Mayernik Citizenship Award Natalie Simmons

Musical Theatre Awards (Directors Awards)
Tyler Boothby ,Christina Tuccillo, Chloe Mellon

9th Grade Citizenship & Leadership Award(s) –
Karen Siddoway, Calvin Liang


Athletics Awards

ASA Coach Helen Croft Memorial Scholarship
Alex Kirsh, 
 Cole Pappas

Dan Ulanowicz Award – Cole Pappas

Male Athelete of the Year – Cole Pappas

Female Athlete of the Year – Kim D’Ottavio

Brandon Burlsworth Character Award – Matt Robbibaro

Jacob Snively Memorial Scholarship Fund Carlena Bressanelli

Lenzner Award –  Carlena Bressanelli, Jacob Joyce, Christian Sasala,
Alexey Stern

David R. Williams Scholarship – Caroline Carlson, Sierra Hartings 

Princeton Book Award – Jessica Peters

Ryan Ballou Citizenship Award –  Kiersten Giovengo 

Patrick Kenny Award –  Natalie Simmons

Burger King Scholar Award – Olivia Cronin

Bellevue Chiropractice Scholarship – Alex Kirsch (sp)

Perfect Attendance – Big list of people

North Pittsburgh Counselor Consortium Book Award
Griffin Geppert, Michela Stasa 

University of Rochester Awards
Frederick Douglass and Susan B Anthony Award– 
Jackson Horigan

Bausch and Lomb Award – Gretchen Schmidt

Xerox Award- Justin Bellotti

Eastman Young Leaders Award – Anna Wagner


Jamie and Ali McMutrie Spirit of Giving Award – Kiersten Giovengo

Prudential Spirit of Community Award – Rebecca Volk

Rensselier Medal Award: Ryan Hunt

The Three Rivers Moss Award – Carlena Bressanelli

Chemistry Award Chemistry Olympiad Abigail Busse, Austin Schmiegel

Westinghouse Science Honors Institute
Abbey Foster, Gretchen Schmidt, Katie Joe Smith, Zoe Patterson

Art awards

Galleries Project participants: Mrs. Swaney and Mrs. Villani acknowledged the large number of students that participated in the Galleries Projects over the course of year by having them stand and be applauded by the student body.

Scholastic Art Awards: Like the Galleries Projects, Swaney and Villani held a group acknowledgement by having all of the participants stand and be applauded.

Filmmakers of the Year – Sierra Hartings, Abby Oberdick

Inspiration AwardCarlena Bressanelli

Seamstress/Designer of the YearAngie Tozzi

CEO award– Ben Pietrusinski, Sarah Svoboda 


About to present Ben Pietrusinksi with awards, Mrs. Swaney said, ““Ben will stand here awkwardly and you will all stare at him,” as he was being presented with multiple awards in a row. Friends and classmates gave a somewhat hearty cheer soon after.

Designer of the Year award – Ben Pietrusinksi

Artist of the year – David Clark

Hater of the year award – Lauren Padalino 

Personal Finance Awards
Accounting Award
–  Billy Mulvaney
Personal Finance Award – Jacob Grande
Extra Effort – Carlena Bressanelli 

POD Awards
American Conflicts – “General” Joe Englemeier
POD Student of the Year – Sadie Filipowski

12th Grade English Awards
Vocab Award in AcademicDelaney Curran

AP English Vocab Award Christina Tuccillo and Chloe Mellon

Fall Play/ Spring Musical Recognition  – Christina Tuccillo, Hannah Schoeppner, Chloe Mellon, Angelica Tozzi,
Vi S, Julia C, Maura C, Brooke M, Carrie H 

Other Side of the Sky Project Award  – Isabel Terrano, Lissah Fry, 
Saira Muchow, Terasa Fenters, Camryn Root, Camille Neira

Outstanding Academic Excellence in Mathematics and Math League Award 

Honors IM 3 – Brooke Mellon and Taylor Geppert, who “proved that math is not just for men” by having over 100% in Honors IM 3

AP Computer Science – Harrison Cook, a student that notably developed a program that allows users to host a chat room on their computer. Mr. Cario predicts that “he is destined to excel in this field.”

Calculus awardTweesha Modi, a student that can turn “probably can’t’s” in to “possibly cans” as she completed both Calculus AB and BC, in addition to taking the SAT subject 2 test as a Sophomore. 


Schaffner STEM award Ryan Kantenwein

Senior Class Officer Awards –
Natalie Simmons, Ben Pietrusinski, Alex Kirsh, Katie Lorch

Resigning after over a decade of sponsoring the Senior class, Ms. George introduced her final group of Senior Class Officers.


Student Council Awards
Commander-in-Chief – Christina Tuccillo because she is “true essence of a what a leader should embody”

Press Secretary – Katelyn Wiser

 Strategist – Rebecca Volk

 Wake Up Wednesday Altruist –  Abby Oberdick

Student Council SuperHero – Anna Wagner

Collaborator – Jessica Peters

All star Administrator – Jacob Condran

Fiscally Sound Treasurer – Sadie Filipowski

Participation and Connection – Ryan Hunt

SalutatorianLauren Robinet

Closing in around 10 AM, Salutitorian Lauren Robinet (left) and Valedictorian Rebecca Volk (2nd from left) share the stage with Vice Principal Dwulit and Principal Clare. Both administers are finishing up their first school year in their respective positions at Avonworth.


Valedictorian  – Rebecca Volk

Top 10% of the Class of 2016

Rebecca Volk, Lauren Robinet, Alexandra Kirsch, Sabrina King, Benjamin Nahum, Izabelle Tomko, Sadie Filipowski, Christina Tucillo, Chloe Mellon

National Honors Society Members

Rachel Berg, Caroline Carlson, Olivia Cronia, Sadie Filipowski, Jenna Foster, Rachel Gaugler, William Geppert, Sierra Hartings,  Ryan Kantenwien, Alexandra Kirsch, Katelin Lorch, Chloe Mellon, Benjamin Nahum, Abigail Oberdick, Cole Pappas, Benjamin Pietrusinski, Morgan Rader, Adrew Righetti, Molly Rind, Lauren Robinet, Hannah Schoeppner, Megan Sheffler, Natalie Simmons, Sarah Svoboda, Izabelle Tomko, Christina Tuccillo, Rebecca Volk, Monica Yang


Harrison Cook added an impromptu recognition for himself, standing up at the end of the applause and stating “I am graduating with Honors, even if the school doesn’t recognize it!”

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