From The Battle of the Bands to Mr. Tuffiash’s Cookie Time event, high school students continued to raise funds for St. Baldrick’s Fund for childhood cancer research, marking a shift from traditional donations to the Children’s Hospital Free Care Fund through the student council-run auction in December.

Mr. Tuffiash offered his “Cookie Time” event as one of three items the 11th grade could bid on during the last week of February.  Cookie Time raised 137.14 from the Honors English 11 2nd period class, while Academic English 11 5th period won “Take My Class Outside” for 45.11. The remaining auction item was purchased by Brandon Hart and can be seen in the last print issue of this year’s avonews.  The 11th grade in total raised 185.86 in one week.


cookie time jpeg
Mr. Tuffiash’s event was held in Mrs. Realsono and Mrs. Tullar’s room, due to Keystone testing in room 306. Miriam Kluitenberg provided the artwork on the whiteboard table top.


In its sixth year, the Cookie Time fundraiser has raised over $500 for the Children’s Hospital Free Care fund since 2010. This year, with changes in the December Children’s Hospital Fundraiser run by student council, the item was mistakenly left off the auction. Mr. Tuffiash instead opened up the event to his grade.

Featuring donations from Gluuteny Bakery alongside a lesson about cookies in literature, pop culture and journalism, the 2nd period students were enthusiastic about the experience, with some like Junior Gretchen Schmidt enjoying the pleasant surprise of baked goods and cookies after forgetting it was scheduled for the Monday after Prom, May 16.

Also in May, the Battle of the Bands raised over $1,000 for the charity. The event was organized by four Juniors, with covering in the recent edition of the avonewsonline. Below are additional pictures, courtesy of Alex Domencic.

Peter & The Baes
Junior Tyler Boothby, pictured right playing bass with Peter and the BAE’s, spoke at the event, sharing how he has a nephew fighting cancer and how this charity is incredibly important to so many people, including him.
Alex Domencic and Kimmy Keener, pictured above with their band Mayview, helped to organize the event and also participated in a few performances.



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