Most adults today think that millennials are all about tech, but when it comes to their future after high school, they want to find out more about it face to face. “I think it is better to hear directly from someone that’s from that college and knows about it” said Dakota Fritts, one of almost 50 Juniors and Seniors who attended a visit from a Penn State University admissions representative during 2nd period on Thursday, September 15th.

Other Juniors, entering into a crucial year of college visits before the application stress of 12th grade, felt the same way about relying on an online interaction. ”It’s easier to ask questions and learn about a school with a person than it is online,” said Junior Erin Williams, one of many who become more interested in applying to Penn State after the session this morning. The large majority of students at this session preferred a face to face meeting with a real representative who can explain what about PSU is so great. “I could ask questions and it could be explained more thoroughly to me,” said Junior Nicole Costa.

For many, like Junior Abby Crilley, the PSU visit was a chance to envision carrying on family tradition. “My parents both went to Penn State, my brother {Kyle} goes there and my other brother {current senior Matt} might go there”, said Abby, who feels Penn State has “a great education program” and the campus would offer “so many opportunities to do anything I wanted.”

The extremely large attendance for this visit also coincided with the recent revival of the Pitt/Penn State football game, which Junior Macklin Yarris attended at Heinz Field last Saturday. “I was pretty disappointed, I had high hopes for PSU to win. I am a huge fan of PSU football,” said the Junior. Having had his entire family attend Penn State, he was like many local Nittany Lions fans, “extremely frustrated with the outcome.”

More pleased by the recent football game was Mr. Como, who often sports a Pitt jersey on Fridays in the fall to support his alma mater. Commenting about the large attendance for the PSU visit, he said, “We were consoling them after their 42-39 loss to Pitt!”

College visits will continue from other large universities as well as small colleges throughout the fall. Students should check the bulletin board across from the writing lab for upcoming visit dates.

Reporting and Writing by Lauren Pflueger and Dominique Raught

Photo provided by Calvin Zheng

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