Photos and Reporting by Caitlin Bellotti and Olivia Lejonthun

As the summer months go by, not a single student walks through, stares at, or spends any time with the courtyard in the high school. So how does it go from overgrown to tidy at the start of the school year? The upgrades come through Mr. Shriver and his Environmental Sciences class. “The whole purpose of doing this is to make the courtyard more attractive,” Shriver said.

Some of the supplies used by class members as they trim, cut, and tidy the grounds before Open House on Thursday, Sept 15th


Students, like those of the mixed grade level period 3 Environmental Sciences class, spend a small amount of class time getting it done. “There’s 2 times a year when we do maintenance, Fall and Spring,” Shriver says, showing that the courtyard will not remain overgrown, but become redone in the Spring.

Another glimpse of the supplies needed to remove overgrowth and tidy the courtyard after the summer break


The new and improved courtyard is going to allow students to be able to use it more frequently. Along with that, this will not just be affecting those who use it. “[It’s] giving students other opportunities for success other than academically,” said Shriver before saying “They really do [well] with hands on work.”

A final glimpse of cleanup activities leading up to Open House


The courtyard will be accessible Thursday, September 15th at the open house.

One view of the finished courtyard, courtesy of Mr. Shriver’s Environmental Science class


A mid-day shadow recedes from the courtyard pond after the Environmental Science class finished the cleanup efforts.

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