The Avonworth High School is becoming overpopulated!  The hallway for senior lockers have gone from just being between Mr. Aguiar’s room and the boy’s bathrooms to being between Mr. Aguiar’s room, past Mrs. Maisner’s room and growing towards Mr. Tuffiash’s room.

Flyers about Senior Projects, posted on each locker by Project Co-Coordinators Ms. George and Mrs. Chester, highlighted the over 125 lockers needed for the senior class this year.


This growth reflects the overall size of the high school, with not only the senior class topping out over 120 in student size. The 9th grade is over 110 students while the 10th grade is over 130. Only the current 11th grade class remains around 100 students, which for decades was the norm and often a very large class. The idea of 100 students in a grade is now becoming history, due to development in through the 00’s and early part of this decade, like Avonworth Heights and Cobblestone, bringing more students into the district.

Senior Brandan Hart was one of many in the class of 2017 to accept his locker placement without issue, though clearly he uses the space in multiple ways.

Well, what should we do? Should we build a wall to keep certain students out? No! The seniors got to choose their lockers on their own. So, first come first serve!




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