While fall officially began around the end of 4th period today, it didn’t look like leaves were turning and hoodies were going over top t-shirts around campus today if students were headed outside. The US National Weather service in Pittsburgh reported “unseasonably warm temperatures will continue through Friday”, with today’s weather “like a summer day with temperature in the 80’s.” So are students happy with a few extra days for shorts and sandals? It’s a mix of opinions.

“I transitioned from wearing my summer clothes,” said Senior Megan McAleer, “because I’m done with summer. I want to wear my sweaters, too. I’m sick of shorts.”

Senior girls during 3rd lunch enjoying the hot fall weather and the chance to sit outside because “it’s better than sitting with freshman,” said Mackenzie Miller. “Fresh air is better than freshman!” added Sarah Schaffner, pictured top right.


“It’s too hot for September, you don’t want to go outside when it’s this hot. Like attending sport events –  I prefer to go when it’s cooler outside” said Juniors Kemmer Ifft and Lily Thornton.

A few students are happy, though, with the remaining hot days.

“I like the hot weather. It’s going to be cold all year anyway…” said Junior  Tweesha Modi.


Many students dress according to the temperatures of the classrooms they are in daily instead of how hot or cold it is outside. So on a day like today, even as Fall begins, quite a few students are headed home to put away a jacket or hoodie or just stay inside with air conditioning until cooler temperatures become the norm.

Reporting by members of Journalism 1


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