Few of Avonworth students know this board even exists, let alone how it can effect them. And as of now, it seems to be under construction.

Seniors Brandan Hart, Jackson Horigan and Ryan Kreutzer (left to right) converting the old, bare avonews bulletin board on Tuesday, October 25th. Current editor-in-chief Anna Wagner developed the Under Construction idea and had support from Mr. Tuffiash’s Journalism 1 class to complete the task.


Rather than sporting the usual red background filled with copies of the popular newspapers from either past or current years, it has been cut to large letters reading ‘under construction.’

A view of the die cutter from the Collaboration Center students in Journalism 1 used to make part of the new display. The die cutter is used by staff in middle and high school and dates back to former librarian Bonnie Carmichael.


“My purpose with [the board] is to showcase our accomplishments during our 75 years as well as what the staff is doing right now,” says editor in chief Anna Wagner. “Hopefully the refreshed look will at least give the board some more attention.” Only the members of the newspaper crew seem to know what’s going on, and the only way for students to find out is to stay tuned and keep a steady eye on the infamous Avonews wall.

“I think that it can bring more people to the website.” says Avonews co-editor in chief Megan McAleer. “I think a lot of people forget about the website.”


13 Replies to “Avonews Board Under Construction ~ What is to Come?”

  1. I agree. More people need to visit this website besides just viewing the physical avonews once every nine weeks.

  2. Before I read this article, I didn’t really know about the board. I think this would be really great in promoting the Avonews.

  3. I think this is a well written article, and this is also a creative idea to try and get more people to pay attention to the Avon News.

  4. This was well written although I think it probably could have used some more detail… maybe what Mr. Tuffiash thought about the board and what is going on with it

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