The pop punk trio is back and better than ever!! On August 28th, 2016, the famous pop punk band Blink-182, alongside major names in the punk scene such as A Day to Remember and All Time Low, hit the stage at First Niagara Pavilion.


As the whole venue suddenly went dark, fans waiting in anticipation to see what would happen next. A black sheet was flown perpendicular to the stage, completely shielding the stage from the audience. As the sheet dropped, Blink started their opening song “Feeling This”, and as Mark Hoppus started to sing the first verse, fireworks shot out from behind the drummer, Travis Barker. Fans, including myself, most likely went into the show with mixed feelings, due to the fact that their singer Tom Delonge recently departed from the band just last year, having been with them since 1992 as a founding member. The band recruited Matt Skiba from the group “Alkaline Trio” to fill in for him and is now a permanent addition to the band’s lineup.


Overall, I was very much blown away. They had a perfect mix of new songs from their most recent album “California”, released July 1st, and their old and original stuff from their greatest hits, as well as some special songs thrown in there as well. They played “Don’t Leave Me”, which they hadn’t played on the whole tour prior to the Pittsburgh show. The venue integrated many pyrotechnics into their act, and I think that everyone can agree that Matt Skiba did a fantastic job. This is the best they have sounded in the last 10 years live.

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  1. The concert itself was described vert well and allowed me to get the “full experience” of the concert. i was able to relate to the emotions described throughout the article.

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