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Image Comics & Review of Walking dead vol 1

Image comics is a lesser known comic publishing company. Founded in 1992 by seven disgruntled former employees of Marvel comics, it was formed as the anti-Marvel, in the sense that it would not have unfair policies regarding the creative licenses of characters and art, and the unfair treatment of the men and women who created them. Image is known for its strange business practice of publishing artist’s work and getting little compensation. It is also known for not owning any of the characters or work they publish, allowing the creators to have that right. Despite being relatively unknown in the mainstream, Image has and continues to publish great comics such as The Walking dead, Spawn, Chew, Saga, and many others.

The Walking Dead is a hit show in AMC going into its seventh season. Like many other movies or shows, it was a book first. In this case a comic book. Starting in 2003, the comics took the industry by storm. Gaining even more popularity over the continued years of publishing, and the release of the TV show, the Walking Dead is a force to be reckoned with. To those who may like or even love the show, but are skeptical of the comics, here we go.

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The Walking Dead comic is in black and white. In a market dominated by the vivid colors and masked heros, this choice was a gamble. Seeing the Walking Dead rise from obscurity in the recent years, many believe this to be the right choice. The lack of color in no way hinders the readability, and in many ways enhances it, allowing our brains to “fill in the color” with our imagination, we are drug deeper into the story and into the world of walkers and death.

The first volume is essentially the first season, except for a few key changes, one being Daryl Dixon (sexy crossbow dude) not being in the comic in any way, shape, or form. While some would pick up their pitchforks, torches, and molotovs to riot, this does not affect the readability at all.

Despite Daryl not being in the comic, nothing is taken out of the story, and Andrea shoots one less person (fans of the show, you have permission to laugh at that.) While on the topic of characters, they are all different, with the exception of Laurie and Shane. Carl is more of a helpless child, acting almost like a five year old, a very bad-ass five year old. Dale is less of the straight forward nice old guy with the camper, and the nice old guy with a camper who just feels a little bit off.

The story remains mostly the same as the first season with the exception of different people dying at different times and places. The storytelling is excellent and oh so satisfying. Reading the first volume, made of of the first five issues, was an experience any comic book fan, zombie junkie, and human being that does not crave flesh needs to put under their belts.

If you like good stories, zombies, epic killing, bad-ass children, drama, and more, check out the Walking Dead. You will not be disappointed.

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  1. Great article, sort of breaks the stigma of comic books being more of a subculture by relating it to mainstream media

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