As another year begins, the Avonworth student body eagerly awaits October 8th for Homecoming 2016! Happening at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center from 7-10 pm, this yearly event is a staple of the Avonworth High School experience. As with last year, in addition to the venue, Homecoming will host a returning DJ to light up the night.There will be some welcome changes as well, such as an expanded dance floor to accommodate all of the attendees. The theme for the night is “A Night on the River” largely dealing with the Allegheny River that is right next to the Convention Center.

“It beats the Avonworth gym, that’s for sure” said Senior Treasurer Megan Williams.

The general consensus of the student body is that most are excited for the occasion. However, there are some that are more paranoid than enthusiastic for it. There are two different approaches students have to Homecoming, as seems to be the case every year. On one hand, there are those who quickly establish who they will go with and what the plan is long before the day arrives, and they are pumped for the event, possibly planning parties with friends or getting fancy dinner reservations.

On the other hand, some students are panicked due to not having a Homecoming date with the deadline to buy tickets fast approaching, and they seem more on edge about it than happy.

For those who want to avoid the stress of having to “couple up” but do not want to go by themselves, another option is to go with a group of friends. This seems to be more popular with underclassmen than upperclassmen.

Overall, Homecoming is a memorable night to party and dance with friends and dates. The Homecoming Court is a great group of girls; Maura Scrabis, Cami Peters, Blake Aber, Miriam Kluitenberg, Emma Herzig, Melissa Drawl,  Marley Jenkins, and Jackie Restelli.

A glimpse of the 2016 Homecoming court, named in order in the graph above. Photo by Anna Wagner


On a personal note, with last year being my first year at Avonworth, Homecoming 2015 was a wonderful event and the first school dance I had been to. My old school, Central Catholic, really didn’t do that for Freshmen and Sophomores. Going to Homecoming helped me get immersed into a great group of people and I was introduced to many of my current friends. Coming from a different school, I did not know what to expect from Homecoming, but I am happy to say that it was a stepping stone for getting to know great people here at Avonworth.

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