As the rain was pouring down on the Avonworth Football Field on Friday, October 7th, senior Miriam Kluitenberg was crowned this year’s Homecoming Queen.
Miriam says that she was “very surprised” about winning and that she used to think of it as “one of those things that would be really cool if it happened but it probably [wouldn’t].” She adds that she thinks that that was the situation for most of the girls on the homecoming court.
When the court was announced through the morning announcements in late September, Miriam says that she tried to not act too excited though she was “freaking out internally.”
She tells that being crowned Homecoming Queen made her even happier but adds that “it felt weird because I had to walk into the dance wearing the crown and a lot of people walked up to me.” After about five minutes at the dance she took off the crown to “just have fun and dance with [her] friends.”
For Miriam, being Homecoming Queen means more than just a crown and a title. “This is going to sound really cheesy,” Miriam says with laugh and continues. “But my mum cried about [me winning] because when I was in Middle School I was very shy and had really bad anxiety so I didn’t do that many things. But then in High School I started doing Cross Country and started getting more friends which made me start to enjoy High School more. So I think [winning] was a big deal for me because in Middle School I just couldn’t see myself being popular or liked by everyone.”
Lastly, she adds that “just being on court was a huge deal for me because it was a nice reminder that people don’t hate you.”

12 Replies to “Homecoming Queen for 2016 Appreciates The Recognition”

  1. I love that you mention how getting involved in cross country was able to get you out of your shell and help you grow. I think its great that someone was chosen who it meant a lot to.

  2. I really like the way this article was written. I like how there was a personal story involved in it. Congratulations Miriam on becoming Homecoming Queen!

  3. This is such an uplifting story! I really emphasizes that things do get better and sometimes surprising things do occur. I am so happy for Miriam!

  4. I really love the way this was written, and how it shows that things can change and things do get better

  5. I the amount of quotations used. Instead of paraphrasing, readers got to experience her actual words. I liked how we got to hear all about her experience!

  6. I think this article was amazing and i loved how they showed who Miriam is and how she feels about winning

  7. I think it was great to see how she felt about winning and how her family felt about it also. It provided great detail of Miriam herself.

  8. Even though this was posted in the beginning of the school year, I still enjoyed reading it. It might be interesting to document all the past homecoming queens and their stories about winning. Miriam was a very heartfelt message that creates such a positive environment for everyone and I love that. This story helps to communicate her message!

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