Some people dream about making music with their friends in a garage, eventually breaking into the music scene. Los Angeles-based band LANY has done exactly that – except instead of a garage, they got their start in a bedroom. LANY is a band of three outgoing and creative men with strange fashion senses, some could say. Paul Jason Klein (main singer), Les Priest (guitarist/keyboardist), and Jake Goss (drummer and background singer) are the members of the band, which originally only consisted of Les and Jake. However, the band was not always named LANY, which is short for “Los Angeles New York”. The band knew they wanted their name to be an acronym, but they didn’t know what they wanted it to stand for. At first, they thought TTYL (talk to you later) would be fun and creative, but they “didn’t want to be thirteen forever”. Paul eventually thought of the span across the country from LA to New York and suggested the name LANY, pronounced lay-nee. Before the band, the three friends were only neighbors, and were certainly never expecting their careers to take off this way.

Here you see Les Priest on the left, Paul Jason Klein on the right, and Jake Goss in the middle.

LANY formed in March of 2014 when Paul had a solo career, but joined forces with Les and Jake. A month after the band formed, they released two songs, one named “ILYSB”, getting a tremendous response from fans. The guys don’t let the success get to their heads, they say. They all live in a one bedroom apartment in Hollywood and all three of them sleep in the same room. Paul says, “We’re living the dream, but we’re still in the beginning stages and making all our songs on a Dell computer in our house. Any recognition is amazing and we can’t wait to see what comes next.” It’s pretty obvious the band is very thankful for everything they’ve gotten.

In this photo, you can see the band’s creativity through one of their album covers.

LANY’s music is a dream pop band, which is usually upbeat and very different. When asked about what inspires their music, the band honestly could not find a definite answer, as the members’ interests are scattered in every direction. The band seems to have been accepted into the music industry by their rapidly-spreading fan base, some of whom will be with me here in Pittsburgh when they play at 7:00 P.M. on October 21st at Mr. Smalls. You can buy tickets here.

3 Replies to “LANY Comes to Pittsburgh”

  1. You could ask, “Why did you want your band name to be an acronym, and does your song ‘ILYSB’ follow that same reasoning?”

  2. This band seems like they are living the dream, its always exciting to hear about small bands coming to Pittsburgh.

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