Recently, the Ohio Township Fire Marshall visited the school and explained that Avonworth HS/MS was out of compliance with our local Fire Lane laws. Usually, cars are parked in the lane outside the High School entrance, and this makes it impossible for fire trucks to respond quickly should there ever be an incident at the school.

As a result, the administration ordered that new “No Parking” signs be put up around the school. “There will be more signs posted around the campus.” said Head of Maintenance, Will Bauer, commenting on adding the signs.


3 Replies to “New Signs Posted Outside High School”

  1. It’s October 27th and i still haven’t noticed this sign. After reading this article i will be more aware of signs around the school.

  2. I still haven’t noticed these sign until today. Its crazy to think that our school was not up to date with the fire laws.

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