Now that Pirate fans are watching two other teams in the World Series, most fans are rooting for the underdog Cleveland Indians. Because even though Pittsburgh as a whole doesn’t like Cleveland, the Chicago Cubs are one of the Pirates biggest rivals. The Cubs batters 1-9 have a loaded lineup but the Indians have one of the best rotations in baseball and arguably the best bullpen in baseball led by ALCS ┬áCo-MVP Andrew Miller.

The Cubs took a thrashing from the Indians Tuesday night as they lost 6-0 to former Cy Young award winner Corey Kluber. But the Cubs look for revenge in Game 2 as Jake Arrieta the former Pirate killer takes the mound to look to even the series in Cleveland. Also one of the shocking turn of events in the World Series is Kyle Schwarber of the Cubs, as he did not play since April 7th of this season and made an impact with a double in his second plate appearance in five months.

This World Series matchup looks to be an exciting one with star studded talent on both teams. But look for this series to come down to pitching as Cleveland has lost some of their starting pitchers due to injuries but have a bullpen that can take over as early as the 4th inning. Also though the Cubs have a plethora of good starting pitchers they can choose from to start these games and have the hardest thrower in the game Aroldis Chapman.

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