“Over my rich, hot, dead body” is one of the many infamous quotes from Chanel Oberlin, ex- president of the sorority house Kappa Kappa Tau. Chanel, being the main character of the TV show Scream Queens on FOX, has the audience engaged in her ridiculous and over the top personality. The show first aired last year in September and received an overwhelming flood of positive feedback and reviews. In high demand, Scream Queens is back for a second season. So far, this season has moved from a college campus to a hospital as the Chanel’s are sentenced to a stay at an asylum. And of course, the show would not be complete without a new serial killer threatening the lives of everyone in the hospital.

But now, everyone is a suspect. Following the same formula as Season 1, the residents must find out who the killer is while chilling and terrorizing events are happening. With the ridiculous humor and never-ending drama, the show provides a great entertainment for the fall/winter season. The new characters keep the show fresh and is expected to have more of the same thrilling incidents. Can you guess who the next killer is?

10 Replies to “Scream Queens Review”

  1. This article was well written, and it sounds like a really good show. This article makes me want to go watch a few episodes of it.

  2. I like how this article leaves the reader wanting to know more about the show… I personally watched a few episodes of the show last season and stopped watching, but now i might have to start again.

  3. I really like how the review described the previous season as well as the new season so that readers could compare them. I feel a statistic on the amount of people who watch Scream Queens could have added to support its stated popularity and make the article even better.

  4. Awesome review! I really like how you managed to make the reader curious about the second season without spoiling too much of the first season 🙂

  5. The article was well written. It makes the reader want to go and watch the show, and leaves them wanting more.

  6. This article didnt spoil too much of season one and season two. It leaves the reader wanting to go and watch the show.

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