If it was a normal day and you were driving through the streets of Millvale, you would never notice anything different about an old church a couple blocks up from the center of town. For anyone who doesn’t usually go to concerts in Pittsburgh, that old church is now a club, and Friday, October 21, 2016, was anything but a normal night for Mr.Smalls Funhouse.

Venue of concert with blue lights and instruments.
Venue of concert with blue lights and instruments.


The band LANY performed, and without a doubt, caused chaos. Just looking at the crowd, anyone could tell that the audience was ready for LANY. Although there was rain and 49 degree weather, the lines of fans were forming outside of Mr.Smalls. Each person waited eagerly for at least a half of an hour to get inside. When you stepped inside of the venue, eyes were immediately drawn to the flashing blue lights, the instruments waiting to be played, the dyed hair, and striking dark makeup of the fans already within.

Paul Jason Klein sings heart out to a hit song.
Paul Jason Klein sings heart out to a hit song.

Already excited fans became increasingly impatient as forty minutes dragged by, before the opening act even stepped onto stage. Transviolet, LANY’s opener, received much applause, but there was obvious disappointment when it sunk in that the band on the stage was not LANY. However, as Transviolet’s performance kicked in, the fans became increasingly more excited as the band sang a total of eight songs, including crowd favorites “New Bohemia” and “Girls Your Age”.

When Transviolet finished, they introduced LANY, and the crowd went wild. However, the music the fans were expecting was not what they received. Instead of LANY, they first got a video of Whitney Houston singing the national anthem at a football game. Eventually, with LANY fans bursting with impatience, the band came onto stage and sang fifteen songs, including their hits “ILYSB”, “like you lots”, and “yea, babe, no way”.

LANY had three big screens right behind the raised stage, they were positioned where everyone in the crowd could easily see. The eccentricity of the band was shown in one of their backgrounds during a song: a shocking image of Angelina Jolie laughing for a time of about five seconds playing on repeat.

The concert was different than what was expected, but the band certainly delivered what was asked for, and the fans enjoyed it.

Finishing off their “Kinda” tour, LANY was nothing short of amazing. Although a long way from their homes in Los Angeles, California, the up-and-coming trio left fans in awe and excitement after their stop in Pittsburgh on Friday.

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