Hillary Clinton: Bernie Sanders, while very popular with the young voter demographic, was unappealing to many moderate Democrats because of his Democratic-Socialist agenda. Martin O’Malley did not make much headway during the primaries because he could not compete against the revolutionary qualities of the other two candidates. Hillary gained support from past Obama supporters, particularly following the endorsements from both President Obama and Vice President Biden. I believe these endorsements are indicative of her capabilities, especially considering how vocal Obama and Biden have been regarding Trump’s candidacy.
In the first two Presidential debates, she has demonstrated how prepared she is for the presidency, mirroring Obama’s careful and respectful approach to difficult questions. Trump, on the other hand, exemplified how keen he is shifting blame to Hillary, disrespecting others, and avoiding questions about policy.
These topics, along with a plethora of other criticisms, are emphasized by the media, especially media biased towards Trump. Despite all of these criticisms and claims, Hillary is definitely the best possible Democratic candidate to run against Donald Trump. Her experience and professionalism, along with her ability to explain her policies (an ability that Trump clearly lacks) are appealing. Additionally, her concern for women, minorities, and inequality demonstrate that she understands the real issues that are impacting this country and she is prepared to resolve them. I don’t see these qualities in Donald Trump. Hillary is more than “the lesser of two evils,” she is the groundbreaking candidate who will respectfully and thoughtfully incite positive change in America.
– Carrie Haney, 12th Grade

Donald Trump: The Presidential debates have given insight into the two main candidates for this election. The debates held for the American people, and to display the candidates’ platforms, but have closely resembled Comedy Central skits instead. Trump did well only because his bar was set low, so he exceeded expectations. Trump was more calm than in previous debates, and he was able to look somewhat respectable. Hillary performed as expected. She was professional and collected. Behind that was her usual deceit. She lied again about her emails, claiming that no classified information was at risk. Both candidates dodged difficult questions.
The biggest question on everyone’s mind for the second debate was Trump’s response to the audio tape released two days before the debate. Trump apologized and claimed it was “locker room talk”. The debate was generally the two bickering which was humorous for the viewers. I do give Trump credit for the last question asked. An undecided voter asked for one nice thing about the other candidate. Hillary complimented his kids and gave a statement about her mission as President. Trump’s stated he respected Hillary for her persistent attitude. Overall they’re the worst we can ask for. I don’t agree with Trump’s attitude towards women or Hillary’s constant manipulation.
I think Trump will unite all branches of the government. He needs to cooperate with the Republican Party and implement a solid plan. Hillary cannot create unity without Democratic control of Congress.
– Ethan Trent, 12th Grade

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