When I began this editorial, I thought that I should write about why I thought an overall poor choice of a candidate, Donald Trump, isn’t a completely awful choice. I don’t believe that either of them should be picked as a viable choice to manage a concession stand much less the presidency. Yet, we have both of them as the major candidates of their parties.

Trump has said horrendous things in general and based on those things is unfit to lead a country. I cannot sit idly by and endorse someone like that for the presidency. Hillary has so many scandals that it’s hard to name all of them but Benghazi and the Goldman Sachs debacle come to mind immediately. I would never endorse her because of her corrupt dealings. More problematic is that Trump has already won the election. Yes you heard me correctly. He has in effect won the election. He is already crying voter fraud, so is he loses the election, he would have support in what he decides to do. It may be far-fetched to suggest that Trump would lead his supporters into a civil war, yet most people in 2014 would have found it far-fetched that Donald Trump would actually be a serious contender for the presidency.

Don’t get me wrong. I hate the career politicians as much as anyone and Hillary is the most crooked of them all. She has lied time and time again. She has tried to hide these lies. If she wins, it’s just as problematic. This nation will be tested regardless of the outcome and I hope that it ends in a way that won’t result in anything terrible. If I could vote, I would vote for Gary Johnson, and I don’t even like him, just to be able to wash my hands of the whole affair.

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