Andrew McCutchen walking off of the field after a strikeout against the St. Louis Cardinals in June of 2016

Rumors are swirling around the MLB about Andrew McCutchen not being a Pirate player next season.  These rumors may be coming true as the week goes on.

The Pirates front office is aggressively trying to trade McCutchen by the end of the Winter Meetings. Most Pirate fans are frustrated by this possible decision, considering McCutchen has been the heart and soul of this team for the past four years.

However, it looks like the Pirates management is looking at next season as a time for rebuilding. However, many fans are confused about this “so-called” rebuilding season because the team still has a few star players in their prime years, the players include: Starling Marte, Gregory Polanco and Gerrit Cole.

With McCutchen being a fan favorite, and a leader on the team as well,  it’s hard not to argue that the Pirates are making a questionable move. Being a team leader has had an impact on McCutchen as he stated that he wanted to finish his career in Pittsburgh.

Every star player has a down year, especially in the game of baseball. With that being said, there’s no doubt that McCutchen will have a bounce back year, but that might not happen in a Pirates uniform.

As of Monday December 5th, 2016, the tension has died down in Pittsburgh as there are just two teams that have high interests in getting McCutchen (Washington Nationals, Los Angeles Dodgers). The only reason any trade hasn’t been completed yet is because neither the Nationals or the Dodgers want to give up top prospects for McCutchen.

As another day goes by it doesn’t look like Andrew McCutchenw will get traded as the Nationals seem like they are out of the running for the former MVP. As Neal Huntington said if McCutchen stays a Pirate next season it will either be in Left Field and Right Field. So even though that may not be what Andrew wants if he stays with this team it’s probably the dilemma he’s going to have to deal with next season.

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