After many stunning reviews and much praise Jagmeet Singh has finally decided to forward the laundry list of questions that fans and critics alike have been raving about since the initial release of Ask The Grass Cutter 12s the legendary shoes from Malkior 7.  

I’m trying to get a girl’s attention what should I do?

The best thing to do is to randomly stare at them. Saying the same thing to her every day is another sure fire way to win her heart. Make a lot of loud noises to let her know you care. If this does not work she is probably an alien.

If the Grass Cutters could have any pet either from Earth or Malikior 7 what would it be?

On the planet of Makior 7 we had 1000 ft tall fire breathing trees. That being said I would not choose either of them, all things considered my last pet was a tomato. If you want to be cool you could choose something that is not even alive, like dirt. I would probably choose a bench.

I’m looking for a get rich quick scheme what should I do?

As we all know frogs are loaded. I’m sure if you politely ask one for some money it will help you. One thing that never fails is asking Dave Ramsey for his blessing. When the great Dave Ramsey gives his blessing wealth follows suit.  It is said that if Dave Ramsey even looks at you money falls from the sky.

Fruit cakes looking a little funky. Should I try?

The first step to eating any fruit cake is to make sure it works. If it works do as the Malkior blood tribes once did and make a blood sacrifice to Chethulu. If it does not work, try again.

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