On Wednesday, November 25th, senior Bethany Adamiak got the news that she was accepted into the District Chorus after auditioning on Monday, November 23rd along with four other Avonworth students. This will be Bethany’s second year in the District Chorus and just like last year she auditioned for Alto 1. She tells that about 80 people auditioned for that range this year and about 25 got in.

Bethany tells “the major I’m looking at right now is industrial engineering which isn’t really related to music,” and adds that “I’m glad to have the opportunity now to be able to use these skills and learn them because I’ll have them when I’m older and I can have them as a hobby.”

The PMEA (Pennsylvania Music Educators Association), that runs the District Chorus, chose the song and everybody auditioning sang the same song. To prepare for the audition, Bethany practiced at home, and in school with the help from chorus teacher Mr Vrana.
The District Chorus Festival will take place in January with auditions for Regional Chorus on Wednesday, January 11th, followed by two full days of rehearsal with the District Chorus and a concert on Friday night. In total, the District Chorus will consist of 180 High School students.

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