With Christmas time coming up, it is time for holiday movie binges. The question is: what is the favorite holiday movie at Avonworth? With this in mind, freshmen Lauren Pflueger, Miranda Chrvala, and Dominique Raught roamed the halls looking for answers.

The votes were relatively spread about… with the exception of Elf; most people throughout the school agreed that Elf is the best Holiday movie with thirteen votes out of a total of thirty-four. Ava Kelly, Michael Mucha, Juliette Boughton, Sarah McAdams, Emma Ronk, and many others all agreed that Elf is the best movie for one common reason: “it’s funny.”


Students voted for other holiday favorites like A Christmas Story and Home Alone, one of which was freshman Carly Tomko who said: “I like A Christmas Story because my family has always watched it together. It’s a tradition.” Junior Liz Padalino said that she likes the original How the Grinch Stole Christmas because “the Grinch is me”.  Sophomore Hayden Robinson had a very interesting answer. When asked what her favorite movie was, she said The Polar Express. Hayden went on to explain how she hated the movie: “My grandma ruined it for me because we watched it every year since I was two; I got tired of it. Even so it has to be my favorite since I’ve been watching it for so long.”

Although students at Avonworth High School voted for loads of different kinds of holiday movies, they are sticking to the comedy route.

As for all of the movies, results are below:


If you are looking for even more ideas not listed here, or are inspired already to begin planning movie night, the Post Gazette released their own list of TV specials and movies; for any given day from now until the twenty-fifth, there are lists for what movies are on, at what time, and on what channel. If you are interested, here’s the link:

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