The Avonworth girls basketball season is so far off to an interesting start. After 2 years in charge, Coach Toni Roscoe and Assistant Coach Kelly Capizoulli resigned.. The new coach is Mark DAlessandris, a former Aliquippa girls basketball coach and current English teacher at Aliquippa.

Mr. DAlessandris was the girls coach there for four years until he came to Avonworth for this season. He told the girls during their first meeting that he is very excited to be at Avonworth, because at Aliquippa he didn’t have access to boosters to buy shoes or warm up shirts, and they never got the opportunity to go to tournaments.

Since then, there had been announcements and postings that anyone who wanted to play basketball this year, whether they are returning players from last season, two seasons ago, middle school, or even if they had no experience, is welcome. This was a big shock, since usually for high school sports coaches want only experienced people in order to make their team better.

As it turns out, this was a good idea, because many people who hadn’t played last season came back; this meant that girl’s basketball has a JV team, something they didn’t have last year.

Since then, the girls have had many practices as well as a tri-scrimmage against Quigley and Hopewell.


The first minutes of the scrimmage against Quigley (shown) were rough, but the girls worked hard to some back and improve as a team.

During the tri-scrimmage (a scrimmage between three teams) , the first and second team played against each other for ten minutes, then the second and third, followed by the first and third; this rotation went through three times, each team playing 5-6 “games”. These games were for the purpose of practicing plays and just going against another team before section games.

As the official season comes closer, the girls work to come together as a team, work out their plays, and strengthen their defense.

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