Personally, I (Miranda Chrvala) believe that it is appropriate to start celebrating the winter holidays in mid-June. Getting ready for Christmas in the summer time is appropriate because it allows you to start thinking about how you are going to celebrate with lots of time to spare. Also, this time is very economically sensible. If you were to go to a store, you could get great discounts on all of the Christmas decorations you need. Some people think that planning ahead for the holidays before the months of November-December is ridiculous. It is not. If you wait to start decorating or planning until December, you are not going to find much time to get your holiday traditions done. One of the last weeks in November is when thanksgiving hits. When thanksgiving is done and relatives go back home, there will be more and more visits for ¨Gift Giving¨. If you decorate for the holidays in mid-December, you don’t get to enjoy the holidays to their full extent (the whole month of December). If it’s appropriate for Santa to start planning early, it is very appropriate for people to start planning for the holidays in June.

On the other hand, I (Dominique Raught) think people can start celebrating the holidays whenever they want to. Personally, I start to celebrate when December rolls around, because to me, that is when winter begins, despite the winter beginning in mid December. Any given month leading up to December are designated fall months that belong to Halloween and Thanksgiving. I believe it is appropriate to decorate for the holidays either at the very end of November (after Thanksgiving) or any time in December. Some people are absolutely obsessed with the holidays and begin celebrating way too early, like Miranda. I love Christmas, but that is too soon. I am against people decorating and celebrating the holidays earlier than actual holiday months; however, I am not against people going out in earlier months than November or December to get a good deal. It does make sense that people go out early and buy decorations to get large discounts and save money right before the holidays. Just don’t go home and put them on your house before Thanksgiving.

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