According to the AHS announcements “Ugly Xmas Sweater Day is on Friday, December 16; start planning now!

This is no coincidence, as December 16th is the Friday before the “National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day.”  But why plan so early, and why is this happening here at school? 

In 2014, student council used the Ugly Christmas Sweater as “special charity for various teachers and support staff struggling with health issues. Teachers could donate $20 to the teacher’s union and wear jeans throughout the week.”

Moving forward to this month, other questions remain besides possible fundraisers. Will students be using this as an excuse to buy the traditional worn-out ugly sweater from a thift-store, buying a mass produced version from Target, or purchasing online?

“Dude, this ain’t the 1800’s. Most people buy stuff online now.”
said  senior Brandan Hart.

And to top it all off, the Avonworth High School is now hosting an Ugly Sweater Competition. Details include who to send pictures of you in your sweater, when it should be submitted by, and a helpful piece of advice “Homemade sweaters have a better chance at winning!” The competition has four divisions, one for each grade level, and the first place overall winner gets a Chick-Fil-A lunch. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get ugly!

img_2252                                                                                 Flyer of Ugly Sweater Competition (with details on how to enter)

Avonews Online staff members Brandan Hart and Olivia Romero LeJonthun were the 12th and 11th grade winners, pictured below with classmates and Mr. Tuffiash’s blinking sweater.





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