On January 3, the Avonworth Girls basketball team took on the Bishop Canoven Cavaliers at home. The girls knew coming in that, as their coach said, this game would be a battle. Despite being down during a good portion of the game, no one gave up. While the team lost by 13, they returned to action two nights later  against Apollo Ridge 62-34.

Below are some further photos with captions describing the storyline of the game against Bishop Canoven:

First Quarter:


During the first quarter, Avonworth kept the score of the game relatively close. In this photo, number 24 Lily Tedesco spins around her defender hoping to get the ball to one of her forwards, Hayden Robinson and Katie Gould.


One of the captains and point guards Nicole Costa dribbles past the press Bishop Canoven put on the Lady Lopes as the ref counts out 10 seconds in order to get the offense set up and avoid a turnover.

Second Quarter:


Senior captain and starting forward Katie Gould takes a jump shot from the top of the paint. As the ball in in the air, Lily Tedesco, Hunter, and Hayden Robinson fight for position to box out the opposing team.


The Lady Lopes ran a man to man full court press during some of the game. In this photo, Nicole Costa  applies pressure to stop an inbounds pass. 

Third Quarter:


During a fast break, one of Bishop Canoven’s guards attempt to dribble around starting point guard and captain Hunter Robinson. Anastasia Heinold came to trap the player with Hunter, and puts her hands up so as to not foul when the girl continues to try to dribble through the trap.


This shows the Lady Lopes on defense; Hunter, Hayden, Nicole, and Lily (hidden by Hunter) have their hands up to be able to feel if there is an offensive player near them while they are watching the person who has the ball.

Fourth Quarter:


On offense, Nicole passes Hunter the ball and begins to cut in order to draw away defenders so that Hunter can drive in and try to get the score closer.


In some of the last few minutes, Lily Tedesco reaches above number 34’s hands and takes a jump shot while Hayden Robinson prepares to run into the paint for a rebound.

The loss of this game pushed the girls to work hard to fix any problems during practice.

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