From the morning announcements to posting signs in the hallway, Mrs. Cahill does a great job of publicizing the sales of the sports tickets throughout the year. Many students may not know that pre-sale tickets not only save a few dollars for the purchaser, but also help all the teams in the school.

Pre-sale tickets divert But it seems students aren’t taking advantage of the discounted prices when the tickets are being sold at the school at least for winter sports, as students are mostly getting the tickets at the gate of the event.

So for future reference students of Avonworth if you want to get discounted sports tickets before the event go at any point during the school day to Mrs. Cahill for a lower price than at the gate.

But what most students don’t know is where does your money go if you spend it on a sporting event here at the school?

According to Athletic Director Tim Giel, it goes to the athletic fund for transportation and the officials for those specific games. Also the reason there aren’t discounted prices at the gates is so it is easier for the ticket takers at the gate so everybody is paying one price. So students at Avonworth make sure to get your discounted tickets before the big game which is as low as two dollars for students.



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