A product that has been advertised for the past few weeks and shown across several posters spread among the school, the new water bottle fountain has recently been installed on January 17th, 2017. “I went to a sustainability workshop and started teaching my class about it,” says Elaine Tierney, the school staff member who lead the team of students who worked to make their dream of eliminating the use of plastic bottles.


The idea started while Tierney attending a workshop regarding sustainability, a process of using natural resources and/or using a controlled amount of something.

“I think it’s going to be great,” Tierney says. “It’s not so much that everyone is going to buy our bottles, but it promotes the idea of not having to buy a new [plastic] bottle.”

A sign that once read ‘Coming Soon’ now reads ‘It’s Here!’


The bottles will be funding the bottle filler, and the rest of the money that does not support the water bottle machine will be going towards the Children’s Hospital. The team who was in charge of getting the fountain in the first place plans to paint a tree above the water fountain. Those who purchased a bottle can use their thumb print as a leaf on the tree. “It’s all about what sustainability actually means,” says Tierney. “It’s fulfilling your needs without actually needing to destroy something else.”

Water Bottles are currently on sale during all lunches and cost $8.

The water bottles that will be on sale during all lunches for $8.


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