The halls were quiet throughout this warm Friday in February leading into a long weekend for students. 40% of seniors were absent due to a ‘skip day’, leaving the school at 85% capacity. Journalism 2 students Caitie Bellotti, Isabel Thompson and Ryan Kreutzer spent part of 8th period photographing around and outside the high school on this sunny, mild day.

Two Galleries Projects from 2015-2016 still on display near the gym.
The TV Studio, across the hall from the Galleries Project installations, during 8th period. This is the first full year of a TV studio at the high school and offering a Broadcasting elective taught by Mr. Pastore. Also new to the school is the Tricaster and equipment in the studio, mostly donated by alumni Cooper Kusbit and family.
A Galleries project on display outside of Mr. Aguiar’s room, room 303. The project reused scantron sheets as a comment about re-seeing school through an artistic view.
Freshman Donnie Baxter fills up his water bottle at the new water bottle station next to the boys bathroom near the senior lockers.
Student Projects for Mrs. Frauenholz’s English classes above the entryway across from classroom, room 310.
Happy Birthday balloon for Mrs. Selep, inside the doorway for room 315. Selep is one of a number of current 9th grade teachers who will be working for Middle School principal Mike Hall during the 2017-2018 school year. Selep and other 9th grade teachers will also be working with a new 9th grade format, compared to the current 9th grade team and mentoring approach in the four-year model of high school in the district.
Poster for the DeRebus yearbook alongside the current faculty lounge off of the student lockers across from rooms 306 and 305. Mr. Como and Mrs. Swaney, first year advisors, shifted the yearbook publication from a summer release to a spring release. changing multiple traditions like the voting and announcements of senior superlatives from late may to late February.
Freshman Park Penrod working independently at the “1970’s table”, donated by current day-to-day substitute and former English teacher/avonews advisor Mr. Tom Steiner after a surprise salvage from a New York City club. The table sits between Mr. Tuffiash’s room/the Avonews pub lab in 306 and Mr. Mancini’s room in 307.


2 Replies to “Friday, February 17th – Life Inside and Outside AHS Photo Gallery”

  1. This is a very interesting article. I really enjoyed looking at these photos and reading about different parts of the school.

  2. I really enjoyed this article because the photos were able to show different aspects of the school that students may miss when they are traveling in busy hallways. It is a nice way to be more appreciative of Avonworth’s achievements.

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