Living in the shadow of its more popular video game, virtual reality compatible counterpart, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter was very underwhelming. Lacking the backbone of already established characters from the videogames to carry it through its playtime, this spineless monstrosity flopped with fans more than a lickers tounge. One good thing about this ideration lacking familiar characters was its inability to horribly maim and bastardize the characters we have grown to love, looking at you Leon and Barry.

The Resident Evil games are known for their suspense, and being pioneers of the survival horror genre as a whole. As anyone who has seen the resident Evil movies knows, these fundamental traits were thrown away and replaced with Van Damme esq action, and more plot holes than The Room. The Final Chapter’s story is nothing special for the series, but leaves the viewer only wondering why they finished it here, and like this. The ending was ambiguous, and really a poor way to end a franchise many of us have grown to enjoy for the action, neat monsters, and strong female leads.

Like every Resident Evil movie, the action was poor and robotic, and the characters were absurd though enjoyable. If you like any of the Mad Max movies, I think you’ll enjoy this finale to the Resident Evil saga. Full of cool car cults, mad priests, and epic tank things that resemble the bat mobile, I couldn’t see anyone being disappointed with the antagonists, or their master plan.

The action is absurdly unrealistic, and painfully cliche. If you’ve been watching the movies since day one, you’re probably fine with this, and will enjoy the combat, and the standard movie twists one would expect in an action movie. As always, Alice is a wonderful person to watch beat down the zombies and corporate scum.

On a side note, I suggest watching the movie in a theatre where people yell at the screen. This added entertainment value for me and tampered down my disappointment. These were just other people in the theatre, not my friends or people I knew, but they ended up being equal entertainment value for me every-time they yelled for some character not to do the next stupid thing they were about to do. So if you’re still planning on seeing this movie, bring a really vocal friend or three and find a way to make this bearable.  Overall, I would rate the movie six severed limbs out of ten stars.

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