“Sunny Disposition” is the third track of Avenged Sevenfold’s recent album, The Stage. Or no wait… I should say that “Sunny Disposition” is the third masterpiece of Avenged Sevenfold’s collage of progressive thrash metal epicness, The Stage. This song takes on a lyrical concept of nuclear warfare. It’s especially found as evident in chorus 1, “When the clouds kiss your eye,  Shadows stain on the high-rise, Raise your thumb to the sky, Fossilize.” This song is particularly written by M. Shadows (vocalist) and Brooks Wackerman (drums).

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(cover of A7X studio session video on Youtube for this song)

They (M. Shadows, Synyster Gates, Zacky Vengeance, and Johnny Christ) must have put a lot of trust into former Bad Religion drummer, Brooks Wackerman, because he’s technically the first totally new bandmate of A7X’s real deal line up (basically after their debut album effort Sounding the Seventh Trumpet) to be able to get any kind of songwriting credits. Well, then again, it’s probably because they know him and his style from Bad Religion.

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(Brooks Wackerman with his A7X drum set)

There are clean guitar notes played in both the two verses and the bridge. Then, in both of the pre-choruses, transitions the song into a fast distorted thrash metal guitar style, as well as lead vocals being performed by M. Shadows at a faster tempo. This song was described by the band in a studio session Youtube video having a slight hip hop kind of rhythm. I can especially feel that kinda style going on with the distorted electric guitars in the chorus. However, it’s not so much hip hop oriented that they end up playing a Korn song.


(Avenged Sevenfold’s live debut at 3Arena in Dublin, Ireland of “Sunny Disposition”)

There are also brass instruments included by being performed by session musicians like Angelo Moore & Walter Kibby, from alternative rock/funk band from L.A., Fishbone. These brass instruments can somewhat be heard over the electric guitars in the chorus. Also, a little bass solo with higher pitched notes is performed at the very end by bassist Johnny Christ. I can envision this song as one of the more experimental/progressive songs of this record. From the brass instruments to the ending bass solo, which is something that isn’t heard from this group that often, every element of this song sums up to being controlled chaos.

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