For Steelers fans, watching this Super Bowl might be especially hard as Tom Brady looks for a unprecedented 5th Super Bowl win. I feel as if there might be a lot of stress eating at different parties just hoping that Brady finds a way to lose this game. But seeing him completely dominate almost every team since he came back from suspension, it’ll be hard to imagine him actually losing. Also not only Pittsburgh, but most of America is pulling for the Falcons because they haven’t really been in this spotlight before and it’s a new and exciting team to watch.

But on Sunday we’ll be watching greatness either way, because nobody has been to more Super Bowls then Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. Even though it’ll be hard to watch Tom Brady holding that Lombardi Trophy at the end of the game,  none of us would see any other player in NFL history like him and how impressive his career has been in the NFL so far. And for Steelers fans, it’s very scary to think that he could maybe play for another three or four years. Your best bet to handle the stress? Just drown your fading Big Ben Lombardi hopes in another helping of wings and nachos as you watch Brady go GOAT Sunday night.

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